Begode RS | Electric Unicycle | High Torque

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Model Gotway RS
Color Black
Wheel Size 19-inch
Max Speed Up to 40 Mph, Up to 64 Kmh
Max Range Up to 60 miles, Up to 96 Km
Battery 100V/1800Wh LG M50T 21700
Motor Type: 2600W Hollow motor high-speed version
Weight 27 Kg, 59.4 Lbs
Max Climb Angle 25°
Max Load 147.7 Kg, 325 lbs
Pedals – distance from the ground 150 mm
Mobile application YES
Lamps Yes
Side lights YES
Road lamp mode YES
Handle Fixed & folding handle
Brake lights YES
Battery charging time 6 h
Width x Height x Length 490 mm x 590 mm x 200 mm
Speakers 2 Speakers, Stereo
USB port Yes, 1 port