Buy FOBOS X Electric Scooter


Brand Fobos
Model Fobos X
Motors ~10000W
Battery Type Li-Ion 21700 Samsung/LG/LS
Battery Capacity 72V 40Ah
Controller 130A, 30mos Sine-wave
Charging Time (5A) 6-8 hours
Charging Time (10A) 3-4 hours
Max Mileage 140-160 km/87-100 miles
Max Speed Up 68 Mph, Up to 110 Km/h
Folding Handle post dual quick release folding lock
Gradeability Around 70% (35°)
Load, road condition, battery status, temperature can affect the gradeability.
Max Load 350 Lbs, 160 Kg
Product Weight 108 Lbs, 49Kg
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